Monday, June 11, 2007

Randy Couture to appear in new David Mamet movie

UFC champ Randy Couture will be appearing in an upcoming David Mamet production entitled Red Belt. MMA fighter Frank Trigg has a role in the movie as well. So does Enson Inoue. And so does the infamous Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore. The Wolfman is a fixture on numerous well-trafficked MMA message boards. Perhaps you've heard of him. Some view The Wolfman as a polarizing entity on the said message boards, but others applaud his devout, unwavering commitment to the sport of mixed martial arts fighting. Below is a recent post from The Wolfman. Please note his trademark paragraph-long "signature" which appears at the end of every message that he publishes on the Net:

"Just got home for 1st day on Redbelt, and am exhausted since it is 10:41, I got up at 5am, and got there at 7am. This is just for those that may be interested since this is the first major movie with major mma/bjj theme. Here are some quick notes.....I won't give away any plot points other than the synapsis which you can find online, etc. Just sharing what I am hoping will be a very successful movie for not only the sport of MMA, but of the self-defense and spirit of BJJ from what I can tell. So far I am a cornerman for a fighter nicknamed "Toro" that is actually played by Peter S., a former boxing champion from South Africa. Randy was there today on camera. Enson came in for fitting and some photos so got to chat with him a bit after attending his seminar yesterday. Saw many photo proofs of this HUGE UFC photo book that will be coming out for those that can afford it, with many wicked before and after photos of fighters as well as action shots. I did a brief photo shoot and he got some great photos. the Director David Mamet seems like a very real, cool human being thus far. He knows what he wants, and seems to be polite and positive to everyone. He gives Ataboys which go very far on a working set to making production work so that is a big plus. The Fight Scenes I witnessed today both live, and watching playback look like they are really very good. The lead comes off cool and believable, he moves really well. I will have to talk to him more about his training tommarrow. there are some bad ass moves. Anyone that has seen the Japanese Machado Self Defense DVD will recognize a bit of how you can actually apply BJJ in real situations which I know first hand from years of bouncing. John Machado, Renato, Rico C., and a few other bjj black belts and stunt coordinator Jack Gill are all around making sure that action is good. I did my little part today but getting attention to the 1st AD that fighters going to fights should be MMA gloved up, I took care of the taping and signing off (at props request), and got makeup to sweat my fighter so it would look authentic before rolling began. Movies really require a dedicated and happy crew (attaboys and good food!), dedicated actors, a director with passion and vision, and often dedicated stuntman (one BB that had never done on screen stunts took many many takes of two major throws and some kicks to the head/neck-this authenticity really helps sell the scene from what I saw on playback) Doing fight coreography that incorporates alot of grappling is really hard to do, but with knowledgable people and a good film crew with multiple camera angles (This takes correct lighting, correct angles for the action, right lens choices etc. etc.) to catch the action it sure looked to me so far like it can be done. Nuff' said for now

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