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For immediate release August 10, 2007

Courtesy of Rick Muge / MMA CLASSICS

FIGHTER a documentary continues it’s global romp through the film festival circuit. Previously un-released after sitting in a film storage vault for 10 years, FIGHTER debuted in Hollywood at the famed Mann’s Chinese theater, less than a year later the documentary film has won BEST in it’s category three times and has been accepted into two more prestigious international film festivals – The Rhode Island International Film Festival and The Swansea Bay Film Festival, held in historic Providence, RI and Swansea Bay, Wales, UK respectively.

FIGHTER will be screening at the Rhode Island International Film Fest (RIIFF) Saturday night, August 11, 2007 at 6:00 pm at the University of Rhode Island Feinstein Providence Campus, 80 Washington Street in Providence RI. For more information on this film festival and it’s 250 film screenings is 6 days, go to:

We are also proud to announce that FIGHTER a documentary has been accepted to the Swansea Bay Film Festival in Wales, UK as one of its 2008 entries. Films screened at the Swansea Bay Film Festival qualify to enter the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). For more information and to see FIGHTER highlighted on the front page of the film fest web site, go here:

‘FIGHTER, a documentary', looks back to capture a slice of sports history as Randy "The Natural" Couture chases his first UFC™ Belt and beyond. The film "takes you deep into the world of Couture… a man who is now considered the personification of everything good about this sport"

Winner of the "BEST DOCUMENTARY" at the FAIF Film Festival in Hollywood, CA "BEST BIOGRAPHY" at the NYFVI Film festival in New York, NY, and “BEST SPORTS DOCUMENTARY” at the NYIIF Festival in Los Angeles, CA 'FIGHTER' provides a riveting myriad of perspectives while taking an irreverent yet brutally honest look inside the minds of MMA fighters. For interview requests please contact Kera at 323.966.5432 or eMail us at:



Enson said...

Hey Rico. This is Enson. If there is anything I can do to help promote b"The fighter" let me know....I'd be more than happy to help.

Glen Isobe said...

Enson...Rico...I'm thinking it would be awesome to hype a rematch of Enson vs. Randy at a PSL event a few months after the Hollywood/Tokyo release of David Mamet's movie, "Red Belt"...

Show a PSL event preview in theaters before the movie!!!

You know, back in the good ol' days they always had something to excite the crowds before the show.

Nothing like throwing popcorn at the screen.