Thursday, April 24, 2008


Click here to read this article about college athletes who also compete in MMA events.


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Sucre Oso said...

Real athleticism - battle tested against opponents with true skills -
and genuine warrior spirits... are why wrestlers have (continue to)
dominate the fakes, frauds and part-time broads of other supposed "Martial"
arts in the MMA arena.

Blood, sweat and tears - rather than magic tricks and contrived
chump-fights are the foundation of these warrior athletes achievements.
Wrestlers (at all levels) crave the highest level of skilled opponents. They
detest contrived ACCOMPLISHMENTS just to sell DVDs and
over-priced "seminars" to/for fools without a clue.

Hocus-pocus, smoke-and-mirror magic acts have zero meaning in the
State, NCAA, World Cup, Olympic arenas. Capes, top-hats and wands may work
for Vegas lounge acts --> see where it gets ya in a fight. While
certain cultures prefer to perfect their "tablecloth trick" in parlors and
dinning rooms... our boys are busy knocking down the house.

In our short history, America has proved itself the greatest warrior
culture in history. From our revolution against a vastly (seemingly so)
superior adversary, to our Civil War (the world watched in awe), thru
two world wars: we beat 'em in their own back yard(s) (WWI) and did it
again + turned out to be more SAMURAI than the samurai in WWII.
Our corn-feed midwest boys, east cost pizanos and California surfers
became the finest jungle fighters during Viet Nam (Kill ratio was 30 to 1
and the Phoenix Operation became Uncle Ho's followers worst nightmare).
We did NOT "lose" Viet Nam - we quite. Hopefully this "quitters
disease" wont be allowed to infect the greatest desert warriors since
sand - our boys in the "Box" and A-stan.

But I digress... or do I?

MMA, I believe, is a paradigm of what much of the world continues to
envy, disparage and/or deny: We're simply the best (period)

Might not always begin thus, but it ALWAYS ends so.