Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fighters still wanted for R1 Open Sparring Session

Fighters still wanted for the R1 Open Sparring Session at R1 Gym in El Segundo, California on Sunday, July 29.

- 3 3-minute rounds
- Headgear, gloves, cup, and mouthpiece required
- Win by KO, TKO, or submission

Contact Ryan at (310)322-5552 or for more info.

Visit to get directions to the gym.



Glen Isobe said...

So far, I've been to these sparring events three times. Pretty even matches with family and friends there to show support.

Rico runs a good environment at R-1 and fills the void for a place where amatuer MMA fighters can get some experience.

The rules are very conducive to keep the sparring matches as a learning experience: TKO, Submission or Draw.

psl said...

Thanks for the commentary, Glen!

Iv said...

Will the fame 'sucre oso' be competing?

psl said...

If only the Sucre had stepped up to the plate. He did compete in a prior open sparring event. Many spectators were hugely impressed by the prowess he displayed in his first and last minute. Seriously. He lost, but he made a good showing against a much more experienced opponent. Sucre Oso later brushed away the praise by claiming he got into the ring as an afterthought as he was winding up a long partying binge from the night before.

Management at R1 says Sucre is always welcome in the ring as long as he signs a waiver releasing them from liability for any injury (or heart attack) he might suffer from competing in a cocaine-fueled state of excitement.

MIFUNE said...

i heard that the baby shark was on his way back down? - any word?

psl said...

Baby Shark is coming back? I had not heard that, but I will try to find out. His last known fight is preserved for posterity at . It would be great to see him in the ring again.