Sunday, July 22, 2007

Female MMA Fighters in Time Magazine

Click here to see a photo pictorial featuring female MMA fighters in Time magazine.



Glen Isobe said...

This is a good one. You may get impatient waiting to go through the sequence frame-by-frame, but there are some classic quotes along the way....

Sumie Sakai: "I like mixed martial arts because you don't act, you don't need big fake boobs. You just win, you become famous." (Yeah, I like girls who don't act, but the size of fake boobs is a case-by-case thing).

Lisa Ward: "Oh, yeah, I get scared before a fight. I cry sometimes." (Even I know not to f@%k with a scared crying woman)

Tonya Evinger: "The guys on the job give me crap, but they know I'll punch them." (Could be foreplay).

Hughe_G_Recshun said...

Bill Mahr once observed:

"All women's conversations can be reduced to two topics: Shoes and Food. Men enjoy food, women have a relationship with it. If I could find a restaurant that served a pair of heels with dessert... I'd get a blow-job every night!"

That said...

Wanna see a Real Girl Fight? Get The Cheesecake Factory and Jimmy Choo to sponsor an event:

"Shoes-N-Sweets" presents... GynoRage In The Cage! (just prizes, no $$$)

And to Sumie Sakai I respectfully retort:

You ARE acting, ya dumb twat! (acting like a man).
And if ya wanna be famous in my world... you'll need those "big fake boobs"!

Mr_Blue said...

Mr. Recshun,
You, my misogynist friend, are quite the chauvinist pig.
These women treat their endeavors with every once of dedication and sacrifice as the men do, with a fraction of the rewards.
Overcoming and defeating ones inner obstacles to achieve a goal is most admirable regardless of gender.

These women should be encouraged and applauded.

Hughe_G_Recshun said...

Hey Blue...

You sound Gay and/or lonely.

I'm tired of assholes like you giving credit where credit ain't due!

If they had any talent... I'd be the first one to be astonished - they don't. Period.

They're ugly, and they fight like old people fuck.

You wanna admire that - be my guest.

Just don't expect me to slip a dollar in their G-string of mediocrity.

psl said...


Perhaps I should implement the "Delete Comment" function? Then again, it's impossible to worry too much about someone whose moniker is "Hugh G Recshun".

In any case, I am with you, Mr. Blue. Thank you for slapping down Mr. Recshun. I think he had a bad case of verbal diarrhea last night.

Mr_Blue said...

You are most welcome PSL.
Mr. Recshun is beneath contempt for his lack of civility and over-abundance of vulgarity. His ignorance is only exceeded by arrogance. I shall not be drawn into an exchange of thoughts and feelings with such a cretin. Your "verbal diarrhea" was most hilarious and spot on!

Hughe_G_Recshun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hughe_G_Recshun said...

How do you guys type with those pompoms in yur hands?

I'll bet you two endorse givin' awards to kids that don't shit in their pants.

Who the fuck sez "spot-on"? I'll tell ya who... Tea sippin' homos from the UK, that's who!

You couldn't be more queer if you were Elton John's fanny-pack.

"Verbal diarrhea" has all the wit and humor of a knock-knock joke. (what are ya, 12 years old?)

When you two get done suckin' eachother off...

Why don't ya hold-hands and skip-on-over to this site to "encourage and applaud" some fine athlete:

(at least the 'tards have an excuse)

I just returned from, R1's "open sparring session". If ya wanna see true fighters (with heart and talent)... head over there the next time they have one!

(I didn't see one of them, "cry before a fight")

dick guzinya said...




Glen Isobe said...

There were quite a few women competing in BJJ, Grappling, Pro Wrestling and MMA when I was in Japan. Most of them were technical and some of them were hot.

They just need to have their own league like "Smack Girl" so they can get more girls into the best sport in the world, MMA.

On the other hand, Tanya's PPV sounds pretty good.

psl said...

I think Hugh and Dick need to exchange phone numbers. Why confine your verbal interplay merely to a message board? You guys sound like you could have a blast together.

Thank you for your words, Glen and Mr. Blue. There are a lot of talented female martial arts competitors.

Perhaps Hughe and Dick got slapped around by their sisters when they were kids and never recovered..

Hughe_G_Recshun said...

Women have smaller feet so they can stand closer to the kitchen sink and stove... my sisters understand this.

They enjoy being women, and look the part as well. They would expect to be treated like a man if they acted (pretended) to be one.

These fakes, frauds, and part-time broads need a wake-up call... would love to be the alarm clock.

I've notified R1 with my interest in an Andy Kaufman style reprisal. (great idea, Dick!)

I'll give 'em something to cry about before AND after the "fight" - I use the term loosely (as does their gynecologist).

Mr_Blue said...

"Me thinkith he doth prostestith too much." ~ William Shakespeare

Mr. Recshun,
Perhaps a long warm shower shared with Mr. Guzinya, would relieve the anguish your denied sexuality causes you.

You could broach your intentions by wearing the soap-on-a-rope around your ankle. Despite his dull intellect, I'm sure, Mr. Guzinya will avidly take the hint.

If you're not going to come out of the closet, you could at least wave.

Hughe_G_Recshun said...

Hey Sigmund... I thought you were gonna shut-the-fuck-up!

Only a card-carryin'-queer would quote Shakespeare!

I'll bet you know all the songs from "Rent"... ya Broadway luvin' homo.

If none of those split-tails wanna step-up...
Maybe you'd like to take their place?

I'll even letchya use (swing) yur purse.

psl said...

Wow.. all it takes is one post about female fighting to make all the freaks come crawling out of the woodwork.

Hugh, you should marry your sister. I predict that you won't have many other options. Please don't reproduce.

shon said...

Is this post 1 person talking to himself using 3 different names?

... Nah, Probably not. The average person that would look at anything R1 related wouldn't be able to read any of this, much less write anything.

Oh, and to keep this on topic, I have to agree with Dick and Hugh, when the gals step into the ring, they should be wearing bikini's and carrying round cards or giving the winner his trophy.

psl said...

Hi Shon,

The phonetic spelling of your name does not indicate whether you are male or female, but I can assure you that many MMA/grappling enthusiasts are highly literate. Additionally, I suspect that most female adherents of the sport would have little interest in parading around a ring or a cage in a bikini.

Hughe_G_Recshun said...

Who cares what gender Shon is! Everyone, (regardless of what's between their legs) has a right to their opinion - as long as it coincides with mine. He/She can drink from my canteen any time!

"I can assure you that many MMA/grappling enthusiasts are highly literate."

Hey PSL,

Which scientific poll did ya draw that conclusion from?

Most fans have to be naked to count to 21.

Watch the first UFC (where "Super Foot" brilliantly belches into the microphone 20 seconds into the beginning) and please find me an SAT moment in the crowd...

My personal fave: The "enthusiasts" throwing beer and shouting: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" as Rorian tries to present a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to pops (Helio).

Ya'd have to go to a MENSA meeting ta find that caliber of higher thinking!

"female adherents of the sport would have little interest in parading around a ring or a cage in a bikini."

I have even less interest seein' 'em in a bikini - YUCK!

psl said...

(Note to self: Hughe only reads posts that have something to do with women. Keep that in mind when thinking about putting up photos of women in the blog.. )

Um, Hughe, I might go a few weeks - maybe even months - without posting about female martial artists. Is it safe to assume you will lose interest?

shon said...

There is nothing newsworthy about female martial artists anyways. You only watch female martial arts for 2 reasons:
1. To see accidental nudity.
2. To laugh at the accidental nudity and replay on tivo for your friends.

If we wanted to see low quality martial arts and fighting, we'd watch amateurs.

BTW, I don't think Hughe would lose interest. He'd just keep posting on this thread and he'll probably start to leave posts about the shirtless guys' pictures. The other 2 guys would keep answering too.

psl said...

I don't know, Shon. There are no hate-filled diatribes in the "Comments" section of any other posts. Certain men (e.g. Hughe) are very intimidated by women in general. Perhaps they become even more scared when women display any type of athletic prowess.