Sunday, July 29, 2007

Open sparring session at noon today!

There is an open sparring session at R1 Gym today at noon. Come join in the action! Here is the gym address:

113 Sierra St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
(parking is in the back alley)
* don't look for signage - there isn't any



Glen Isobe said...

I saw some good fights today. One in particular action-packed fight with the 140's!

This thing can really develop into a laboratory for newbies to develop some decent MMA skills. All of the fighter's had great attitudes and were there to learn.

Spread the word!

Glen Isobe said...
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Glen Isobe said...

Classic R-1 slogan: "Don't look for signage - there isn't any"

Could be a future T-shirt design...or,

How about, "R-1 Gym: If you can 't learn to be a fighter here, it's not our fault".

psl said...

Hehehe - those are awesome, Glen! Maybe someone can talk Rico into a new line of T-shirts..