Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Fighter" goes global

Click here to read some promo about the documentary film Fighter starring Randy Couture. The Swansea Bay Film Festival (in the UK) has selected Fighter as one of its 2008 entries. Films screened at the Swansea Bay Film Festival qualify to enter the British Independent Film Awards.

Numerous scenes from Fighter can be purchased at Fight VOD.



Glen Isobe said...

If you consider yourself a hardcore MMA fight fan, this DVD is a must-have for your library. It is to MMA as the "Gracie in Action" Series is to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The multi-award winning documentary covers the evolution of MMA. This is the kind of DVD you can lend to friends to educate them on the sport.

Randy Couture talks about his evolutionm in MMA from his Japan Vale Tudo loss to Enson Inoue, to his first match in UFC8 , UFC 15 TKO victory over Vitor Belfort, TKO UFC 28 victory over Kevin Randleman and Heavyweight title win over Maurice Smith at UFC Japan.

MMA Guru, Rico Chaiparelli (World Cup Champion/Iowa State Wrestler...and top fashion model!), talks abput his philosphy of MMA...."Technique is only a small part of it...You have to be willing to learn about yourself and the sport."

And for you ladies...Victoria Shultz talks about her journey into the MMA cage...

There is also a chapter about amatuer MMA'ers and how they take a shot at the smaller shows and their view of MMA and what it means to them.

As it reads on the jacket..."FIGHTER deftly captures the skill, dedication, rivalry, camraderie, and mutual respect among our country's "ultimate" athletes.

MMA Classics sells this DVD. I bought my copy at Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear.

Final note: You'll notice that all of the rAw logos are mosaic'ed out due to WWE's bullying tactic of taking the Acronym from the El Segundo gym for their own use and threatening with legal action if they resist... Real world bullshit.

psl said...

I agree. Fighter is an awesome documentary.